About Freeway

Interfaces determine what is possible. The most feature-rich app is only as useful as the user’s ability to understand how to use it. Our focus is on improving interfaces across digital mediums.

More literally, we’re a small team of independent designers and software engineers that build research-driven UIs for web apps.

Alex Tingiris leads the team. Alex has been developing apps since 2007 and has been designing professionally since 2014. Freeway is the evolution of his freelance / consultant work, now with a small team of independent contractors who help him work on more projects.

The name “Freeway” comes from the fact that we were started on the road. In fact, we’re still based on the road. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Alex couldn’t return to his college campus, so he and a few friends are driving around the country staying in Airbnbs and visiting National Parks.

Currently accepting new clients.


User Research

The user always comes first, and to design great products, you have to know who your users are.

You can hire us to conduct user research for your existing product or a prototype to identify where your app and customers don’t align.

Information architecture

Most applications manipulate data in some way. How you present and allow users to interact with this data determines the value of your product.

You can hire us to review your app’s information architecture and get a detailed report on where users are getting lost in your app.


Prototyping allows you to test software product ideas without a large initial investment.

You can hire us to build any degree of fidelity prototypes to test your software ideas.

We build prototypes for web and mobile apps.

Web app development

We believe design is a fundamental part of the engineering process. We’re designers, but we write code and build our designs.

You can hire us to supplement your development team, or we can build your entire web app, from user research to production.

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