3 tips to easily get better user feedback

August 5, 2020
Alex Tingiris

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Design is an iterative process in which user feedback is critical. The faster you can hear user feedback and update the design, the better. In this post, I share five tips for improving how you get feedback to help you better serve your users.

1) Know your intended user flows.

Having a clear idea of how you intend for your users to use your app, you can compare your users' actual actions to these flows, and update the design to match the real flows. This approach is convenient because it doesn't require additional user input. Developing user flows seems like an obvious solution. Still, time and time again, I see teams have a high-level idea of their product and start building, only to be surprised by unexpected additional work and incompleteness because they forgot to write out detailed user stories.

2) Present users with the opportunity to give feedback.

Placing links throughout the design that go to feedback forms allows users to "stumble upon" the chance to help improve your app. While emailing users for feedback can work, it can get annoying, especially if a user doesn't sign in to your app often. It allows users to choose to help, and if they like your app, many users will want to help make their experience better.

3) Don't guide your demos.

While you want to guide the user if you're presenting your app to a potential investor, if your app needs users to sign up, you can combine demos with user focus testing. Making your demos interactive allows you to pick up where users are getting confused.

These three simple changes can increase the amount of feedback you receive and make that feedback more valuable. Good UX is about guiding the user to keep them feeling comfortable and in control. Listen to your users is the only way to know if you're achieving this goal.

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