Master Your Cash Flow

Master Your Cash Flow

UI/UX Design

Parkbo was founded on the belief that making financial decisions should be simple, effortless, and available to everyone.

Too many Americans live paycheck to paycheck. In fact, a 2017 report by CareerBuilder claims 78% of American workers live this way. The team at Parkbo believes these financial troubles are ultimately a result of poor education. With the Parkbo app, they want to not only provide financial guidance, but also education people to make more informed spending decisions, even when they’re not using the app.

Their strategy is to gamify saving. When user’s sign up, they are walked through a survey to determine how much they need for retirement. Once this number is determined, every Parkbo user’s experience revolves around getting closer to this set retirement value.

Instead of traditional categorizations, Parkbo keeps budgeting simple. The app calculates how much you should put away in savings and investments to pay off your debts and reach your retirement goals, and presents this information to you in a simple daily spend limit. If you keep under your spend limit, Parkbo guides you straight to your retirement goals.

To keep you motivated along the way, paying off debts and keeping under your spend limit improves your Parkbo score. Your Parkbo score is a measure of your financial responsibility that is easy to share with friends, without given any indication of your exact financial situation. The Parkbo score is what makes the app so powerful. Friends can keep each other accountable, without sacrificing financial privacy.

Parkbo already had an MVP that was testing well, but users were having some difficulties understanding differences between their Parkbo score, what they could spend, and if they were on track to retire. Our redesign clarified these numbers and focused on providing as much clarify in one glance as possible.

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